Taco Bell's New Vegan-Friendly Menu Features Millions of Meat-Free Options

Taco Bell has prolonged been a tip arms of a vegan on a go. And with new updates to a menu and website, it might have only turn a best crony of plant-based diners in a rush.

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In a news release, the sequence has announced that it will start featuring a 13-item vegetarian menu (easily customizable to embody copiousness of vegan selections) that has been approved meat-free by a American Vegetarian Association (AVA).

In a statement, Brian Niccol, CEO of Taco Bell Corp., pronounced “[T]his [is] a ideal time to pierce a vegetarian menu from a credentials to a forefront to serve illustrate a joining to delivering food that fits a customers’ elaborating lifestyles.”

Customers will also find a routine of customizing their sequence easier than ever on a revamped Taco Bell website. (Cleverly, a URL ta.co will take we there.) There are 35 mixture that bear a AVA vegetarian certification, and 26 of those options are vegan. The sequence boasts literally (and yes, we literally meant literally) millions of veg-friendly possibilities for merciful diners. Check out a routine of sequence customization for yourself now.

PROTIP: “Make it Fresco” is a tip cue for unlocking a loyal vegan intensity of Taco Bell’s menu. It now cuts a cheese and green cream and substitutes pico de gallo in their place. Sub beans for meat, and by Jove, you’ve got it.

Hungry yet? Share this essay with all a inspired folks in your life, afterwards conduct over to ta.co and place your order!

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PETA promotes a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. If you’re in a splash and select to eat quick food, we advise selecting from these plant-based options. And always remember: The approach we spend your income is a absolute apparatus to expostulate change to assistance animals. Let restaurants and retailers know that there’s a direct for vegan menu items!

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