How To Make Flap Jacks

Everyone makes flap jacks differently, but there are basics ways to make the pancakes very simple. People that do not have access to ready made pancakes will still be able to make some pancakes with basic household ingredients.

Oil The Skillet

The first thing that you want to do is oil the skillet. It doesn’t need to be a lot of oil. It just has to be enough oil to spread over the skillet. Lots of people recommend non-stick cooking spray, but this has a lot of limitations. People that use cooking spray without any oil will still get some pancakes that stick or fall apart. It makes more sense to get oil for the pancakes and let this heat up. The oil can start heating up while the ingredients are being gathered. The skillet can be turned on to about 3 while you look for ingredients.

Get the Ingredients Together

In most cases people will have ingredients for flap jacks around the house, but they may not know it. The average homeowners is already going to have things like milk, eggs, flour, salt and butter. All that they have to do is mix these ingredients together. One large egg can be mixed into the flour, butter and sugar. The butter should be melted before it is mixed in. This will make it a lot easier to blend the other ingredients together.

Mix the Batter

Once the ingredients are found the cook has to mix the ingredients together. The ingredients should be mixed well. It is important to make sure that the batter is not too runny. If the batter is too thin the flap jacks will be very thin. This makes it difficult to flip the flap jacks. That often results in a lot of crumbled pancakes.

Once the flap jacks are mixed for a couple of minutes it will be easy to turn on the skillet on the stove. It is a good idea to drop a small portion of the batter in the mix to make sure that the skillet is hot. Once this is done it will be easy to tell if the skillet is hot enough for making flapjacks. It the pancake doesn’t start frying right away you may have to wait a little longer.

Pour Mix Into Skillet

When the mix is made it can be poured into the skillet, but consumers cannot put flap jacks on and leave. To the contrary, a person that is cooking flap jacks must stay close to the skillet. The average flap jack is ready in a couple of minutes. A person that pours a mix of batter and walks away will have burnt pancakes. Any cook that wants good results is going to wait for the pancake to get the little holes in the top of the flap jack. Once you can see the holes it is time to turn the flap jack over. This is an indication that the bottom of the flap jack is ready.

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